BOINC Menubar 2 v0.1.17 Beta

First off, please note that I am not dead. I’ve just been rather busy the last several months and didn’t have time to work on BMB2. But now I do.

This release fixes a mistake I made in the GUI RPC calls to get the core client status.

I’ve also added Sparkle to do software updates. So from now on BMB2 will (optionally) notify you when new updates are available and allow you to download them.

In Snow Leopard Apple added additional restrictions on apps running with setuid (which both BOINC Manager and BOINCMenubar 2 did). So now I don’t install BMB2 with setuid and as a result have gotten rid of the installer altogether (that was the only reason BMB2 needed it). This time just copy BOINCMenubar 2 to the Applications folder. For the next update Sparkle will automatically put BMB2 in the correct place.

What this also means is that non-admin users will need to enter the BOINC GUI password to allow BMB2 to communicate with BONC running on the local machine. This is different from the current BOINC Manager which requires you to add the non-admin users to a special group for them to have access.

I have a fair bit of free time at the moment so hopefully updates will happen more than once every 5 months. :)