In the copious free time I have now I have also started playing around with GitX, a GUI front end for git.

You can find my fork at my GitHub page.

I made the mistake of starting on a subfork of GitX. I did this because someone had added a feature that I wanted to use. But instead of downloading a binary I had to download the code and compile it. Once I had the code I started looking at it and found a bit here and there that I could add/improve.

But after a bit I decided that I wanted to get serious about getting these features into the main GitX release. So now I am working on integrating these features back into Pieter de Bie’s master branch.

If you would like to help out and are running OS X 10.6 I could use some feedback on the UX of the features I’ve added and bug reports.

One current problem I’ve had reported is that staging/discarding hunks is not always working. I’ve fixed one problem, but I’ve been told it still does not always work. But it’s always working for me so I need a test case that fails so I can track down the problem.