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Scientific American has an article up about Docking@Home: Help wanted: A new project for your home computer to help beat HIV, Alzheimer’s and other conditions

BOINCMenubar 2 v0.1.15 Beta

This release fixes a crashing bug when using the “Override Web Preferences” option in the BOINC Preferences window. And stops the menu icon from blinking when the “Use at most X% CPU Time” was less than 100%. I have also added a crash reporter, the open source FeedbackReporter. Apple creates and collects crash reports but […]

The Science of Folding Proteins

There is a good article about the science behind Folding@Home (which also mentions Rosetta@Home) called: What is Folding and Why Does it Matter?

BOINCMenubar 2 v0.1.14 Beta

Fixed a number of bugs that have been reported, the most important of which is it could crash when reading the Login Items while checking to see if BOINCMenubar was in the list. It does this the first time you open the General Preferences pane. If you have found any other situations that BOINCMenubar 2 […]

Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak‘s birthday was earlier this week. Where the Wild Things Are is my favorite book from when I was a child. Cory Godbey has tapped a number of artists and illustrators to create works of art based on Where the Wild Things Are called Terrible Yellow Eyes. Check it out, there is some really amazing artwork […]

BOINCMenubar 2 v0.1.12

I want to thank those of you who have downloaded BOINCMenubar and an extra thanks to the few who have sent me feedback. This is the first application I’ve released and it’s quite a thrill to get feedback from people. I don’t have any forums or other feedback methods set up right now so if you are […]


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