BOINCMenubar 2 v0.1.12

I want to thank those of you who have downloaded BOINCMenubar and an extra thanks to the few who have sent me feedback. This is the first application I’ve released and it’s quite a thrill to get feedback from people.

I don’t have any forums or other feedback methods set up right now so if you are having any problems or have any suggestions then send me an email and I’ll get on it (bugs have priority).

I just released a minor update that fixes a few bugs. At this point I have fixed all of the bugs that I am aware of.

My current ideas/plans for 0.2.x:

  • Add a “Always Connected” option to hosts. Then the Growl notifications will include all you your hosts instead of just the current one in the menu.
  • A “All Connected Hosts” item in the Host submenu that will total all the projects and tasks for all of your hosts and show that in the menu.
  • An activity window that shows the running active tasks. Probably two modes, one that that shows all the running tasks at once, and the second shows one task at a time and the display scrolls up to show the next one every few seconds (useful for the All Connected Hosts option above because there may be a large number of tasks running).

Do you have any more ideas?